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Bercy presents 3 flagship measures for employees

RTL’s guest, Mr. Bruno Le Maire, French Minister of Economy says he “perfectly understand the impatience of the French.”

The head of Bercy announces: “We will, as of this autumn and for January 2018, make decisions that will have a direct impact on the daily life of the French.”

It details three key measures aimed at employees.

The first concerns their pay slip. “Employees will have a better payroll in January 2018. These are concrete decisions, which will be a benefit for employees who are at the level of the SMIC.We do it in two stages because we have to keep the public accounts” . He thus refers to the announcement of the increase in the CSG and a reduction in the wage contributions.

Second measure: “We will not touch the taxation of employee savings. Today, this employee savings is not taxed on income tax.

The third measure announced by the Minister of the Economy: “Beginning in 2019, because we have to put this in the long term, we will have a shift in the tax credit for competitiveness and employment (CICE) This will produce a greater profitability for the companies and it will increase the reserve of participation for the employees, that is to say the share of profit that goes to the (…) We estimate that this represents about one billion euros that will be redistributed directly to the employees.Economy that works, Is an economy that innovates and invests, which is why we lower the corporate tax in 2018, but it is also an economy that rewards employees for their work. The in-depth transformation of our economy “.

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Source : RTL

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