Private Chartered Accountant

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Roche & Cie continually develops new tools to help you save money, on both a fiscal and social level. One such service is the Private Chartered Accountant that was introduced to help you preserve and increase your wealth – Private Individuals and Business Owners alike.

Your Time is Precious !

You can say goodbye to weekend paperwork ! You will be able to have more leisure time, entrusting such menial tasks to a professional.

The Private Chartered Accountant service provides you, or your elderly relatives, with an experienced employee who will take care of this boring, never-ending paper pushing. He/she will visit you once or twice a month:

  • To check bank statements and look for any anomalies.
  • To check invoices, requests for payments, taxes and possibly write letters of complaint.
  • To write cheques or make bank transfers, which will be validated by you or your relatives.
  • To keep a record of your personal accounting.

Once a year, the Chartered Accountant will calculate your tax return and possibly your wealth tax.

Why do you need a private chartered accountant?

  • The Chartered Accountant is regularly supervised by the Regional Council of his/her Society. This is a guarantee of integrity.
  • He/she is forbidden to receive commission, which is another guarantee of autonomy.
  • His/her qualifications attest his/her ability.
  • His/her professional confidentiality will enable you to confidently discuss difficult issues.
  • The law is against handling cash or assets prevents malpractice.

Scanning and data management allows time-saving on projects. Personal accounting will allow you to compare from year to year your income (rents) and expenses, as well as the growth of assets and liabilities.

Roche & Cie will be pleased to provide you with an experienced assistant to help you in this task & save you time.

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Cabinet Roche & Cie, Chartered accountant in Lyon, France
Specialist in Real-Estate and Non-Residents’ taxation.