Fiscal Representative in France

Partner of the real estate transaction and property management for non-residents

fiscal-representative in France

The tax representative in France

Appearing in 1955 with the creation of value added tax, the tax representative is an intermediary between the French State and foreign operators, natural or legal persons acting in the framework of their economic activities or in the simple management of their assets private.

The role of the tax representative in France:

The tax representative is accredited by the French State. He undertakes to fulfill the declaratory obligations incumbent on its client and, in the case of taxable transactions, to pay the tax in its place.

The tax representative is responsible in particular for irregularities.

In case of sale of building

The French tax authorities require the appointment of a tax representative in certain real estate sales and securities of predominantly real estate companies in France:

First, for individuals:

  • If the sale price is more than 150,000 euros.
  • Even if the sale does not generate any surplus value or is exempt (except for holding more than 30 years.)Where the share held by non-resident partners exceeds 150,000 euros.

Then, for SCIs having their registered office in France:

  • If one of the partners is a foreign legal person.
  • Finally, for foreign companies in all cases.

Your tax representative can perform the following services:

  • Signature of the declaration 2048 IMM
  • Application for accreditation from the competent administrative center
  • Calculation of surplus value (data collection, calculation and reporting)
  • Follow-up of the file with the administration
  • Liability for four years for the declaration of surplus value.

This is the schematic process of tax representation.

Fiscal representative in France

Fiscal representation in France

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