Private Clients

Your satisfaction is our success

Roche & Cie offers more than accounting services for businesses.

It also works with Private individuals to help them :

  • Increase their assets;
  • Prepare for retirement;
  • Organize their inheritance,
  • as well as offering guidance and personalized advice for monitoring their income tax returns in France and/or their wealth tax

We believe in strong long-term relationships between us and our private clients based on insight, integrity, clear communication and a consistent personal approach.

We will help you navigate the financial maze of the complex financial world today to help you reach your goal.

The 2011 Finance Act (for estate planning) extended the areas of expertise of the accounting professions in France, notably in assisting private individuals in relation to retirement, estate planning, and also in terms of health.

For Non-Residents who want to come to France,

If you are non-resident in France, you can still be liable to French tax if you have property in France. Keeping a low profile and hoping for the best is a risk: more and more information is now accessible by the tax authorities, including electricity and phone usage.

It is important to understand the rules and pay all taxes due.
But there is no need to pay more than the minimum due. In addition, there are various exemptions available to encourage “wealthy foreigners” to move to France.

You may also be subject to taxes in other countries due to time spent, property and assets or nationality. In this case, it is important to be aware of the dual taxation agreements. These treaties often enable significant tax savings to be obtained.

Although there are many taxes in France, such as the French wealth tax, trust tax, exit tax and various social taxes, many clients are surprised by the number of exemptions and deductions available and the importance of correctly organising their financial and personal affairs.

With its experience and on-going training (in-house and external), Roche & Cie has the capacity to solve the most complex of cases. This array of professional knowledge and skills make us ideal partners, and with these extra skills we are no longer considered mere balance sheet providers and number crunchers, but we take on a True Advisory Role.

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