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A new clearer payslip.

16 Mar 2016

A model of this new generation payslip was revealed by a report to the government.

This is a simplification close to the government: make clearer payslip. The reform, announced long, now takes a more concrete face with the submission of a report that defines a model type that future document, which will be tested next year.

What has changed

To facilitate reading of the pay slip, the lines relating to social security contributions are reorganized into five sections corresponding to the risks covered: health, accidents at work – occupational diseases, retirement, unemployment and family. The wording and the presentation of these lines now require employers.

All other contributions owed by the employer only (payment transportation solidarity contribution autonomy, social package, apprenticeship tax …) are grouped in a line, only the total amount being so informed.

Namely: the reference of the body to which the employer pays the social security contributions (URSSAF, MSA …) and the number under which they are paid do not have to be mentioned on the pay slip.

What is added

The payslip should now include:

  • under ‘contributions Relief “, the total amount of reductions and exemptions from social security contributions applied to the gross remuneration of the employee (Fillon reduction, reducing the rate of contribution for family allowances, exemptions for firms located further -Mer or in the military restructuring areas, urban zones …);
  • under the “Total paid by the employer”, the total amount paid by the employer, that is to say the sum of gross earnings and contributions and employer contributions which are deducted concessions and exemptions dues and contributions;
  • the section dedicated to the payslip on site.

The aim is to generalize this new payslip by 2017. From September, Clotilde Valter, State Secretary to the Minister of Labour, Employment, Vocational Training and Social Dialogue, will lead a consultation with the social partners, in connection with all ministers concerned to define the terms of the progressive generalization of the new slip.

A government site, to ensure the appropriate level of information for the understanding of the new model of pay slip will be for this purpose available online since the end of 2015.

Check the old and the new payslip here (In French)