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A full-service French tax planning and accounting firm based in the heart of Lyon, France, The Cabinet Roche & Cie offers comprehensive tax services to our clients in France and around the globe. We provide highly tailored, practical advice—from income-tax planning and preparation to full-service accounting services—to assist successful businesses, affluent individuals, and multi-generational families to meet their tax and financial goals.

Moving to France, investing or a French moving internationally – our team of tax specialists and Certified Public Accountants have the expertise and dedication to ensure you receive the right advice to help you comply with ever increasing tax laws and regulations.

Our dedicated tax specialists can help you manage your international tax strategy and compliance needs while ensuring your personal objectives are met. We offer high-end, independent French Tax and legal advice to the international communityWe advise both private individual and corporate clients.

Personal Advice. Global Perspective.

Your needs are unique, your service is too.

In today’s ever changing world our clients can take comfort in knowing that our team have highly specialized skills to help them on cross border French tax issues, plan for changing personal or business circumstances and give them peace of mind and the confidence to move ahead with their international dealings.

The Cabinet Roche & Cie has specialist advisors who work with their colleagues internationally to ensure your tax advisory and compliance needs are timely and properly addressed and looked after.

How you’re taxed in France

Even though the tax rates in France can be high, there are numerous opportunities to reduce your tax burden. You can benefit from various tax reductions and save by getting a specialist advice before moving to France.

Once you’re resident in France, you could potentially pay:

Even if you’re not resident, you could be liable for French taxes, for example, when buying or selling French property.

With our expatriate tax advice, our clients in France are able to enjoy extremely favourable tax treatment on their capital investments and assets.

Real Estate Planning

The French succession tax system works quite differently from the different inheritance tax systems all over the world and the effect on your heirs depends on their relationship to you. Stepchildren and unmarried partners, for example, are seen as ‘non-relatives’ and could face tax rates as high as 60% on inheritances and  gifts.

You should also be aware that France’s ‘forced heirship’ succession law defines how your legacy is divided. This means your natural children could inherit up to 75% of your estate regardless of whether that’s your intention. This is a complex approach and can have unexpected consequences, so you should take personalised advice to make sure it’s suitable for your aims and objectives.

Our advisers can present legitimate options to ensure your estate is distributed according to your wishes while protecting your heirs from paying more tax than necessary.

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