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An aid to favour apprenticeship

18 Apr 2016

For very small businesses, the recruitment of a minor apprentice allows an aid of  € 4,400

Very small companies benefit from 1 June 2015 of a financial support to any learning contract with a minor.

A recently published document brings some clarifications on this benefit to encourage the use of apprentices. Thus, the apprentice must be aged under 18 on the date of conclusion of the contract, the date corresponding to the day the signatures of the employer and the apprentice are collected. If the contract is not signed the same day, it is the most recent date which is considered the date of conclusion of the contract.

As for the size of the company, is appraised at December 31 of the year preceding the conclusion of the apprenticeship contract. In practice, an employer who held fewer than 11 employees on 31 December 2015 may, during the year 2016, a contract with a minor apprentice and receive financial aid.
The amount of such aid is set at € 4,400 and is paid during the first year of the apprenticeship contract at a rate of € 1,100 per three months. It stacks with the bonus of learning and using the recruitment of an additional apprentice, with a minimum amount of € 1,000 each.

Warning: the aid application must be made within 6 months following the start of implementation of the apprenticeship contract.

Instruction n° DGEFP/MPFQ/2016/75 du 29 février 2016