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Estimation of cities that offer the best real estate gains in 15 years

20 Sep 2016

The platform Meilleurs Agents has engaged in a predictive exercise to determine the cities where real estate prices are expected to yield the most real-estate gains in 10 or 15 years ahead.

According to the study, Lyon, Nantes and Rennes are cities where prices could most progress in France.
In Greater Paris, Villejuif, Aubervilliers and Saint-Denis should they be winning.

As a reminder, over the period of 2000 to 2016, the city of Bordeaux had the best progress with prices increasing by 204%, or 66% better than the average of major cities. Then come Lyon (+ 164%), Montpellier (+ 159%) and Lille (+ 156%), all doing better than Paris (+ 144%).

In estimating the future, the site specializing in real estate appraisals has chosen to rely on three key drivers : strong residential market demographics and job creation (source Insee) and the elements improving quality of life (inventory of major projects planned or underway). Each of these criteria is noted on 5 and leads to an overall rating of 1 to 5.

Today, the city of Bordeaux is doing well with an overall rating of 4 stars; but will be distanced in the future by three other candidates, according to the predictions: Lyon, Nantes and Rennes. The roman capital is also a clear round by getting three times the maximum score. These three cities could do better than 30 to 50% than the average of major cities, according to the study.

the best real-estate gains in 15 years in France

the best real-estate gains in 15 years in France

In the Paris region, markets have evolved very differently from one city to another from 2000 to 2016, the site has sought to determine which cities could “explode” in 15 years with the advent of the Grand Paris. A future comparable to the cities of Montreuil (+ 247% between 2001 and 2016), Pantin (+ 246%) or Montrouge (+ 202%) where Aulnay-sous-Bois maxing out at 81% or Fontenay-aux-Roses 92% and even “only” 125% or 140% for cities as listed as St. Cloud or Neuilly-sur-Seine.


These future cities for real estate investment would be mainly Villejuif, Saint-Denis and Aubervilliers (5 stars each), well connected to the future transportation network and benefiting from good economic engines or teaching. Then come Bagneux and Noisy-le-Grand (4 star each time). For these five cities the outperformance compared to the average of the Paris market could reach 50 to 100%. See you in 15 years to confirm these predictions.

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