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Companies: Filing of test reports

03 May 2016

Business tax services will bear with the results of teletransmitted statements within 15 days after the deadline.

By way of reminder, the deadline for submission of test reports for most companies, is the second work day of march, that is today May 3, 2016.

This comprises companies subject to corporation tax having completed their period ended 31 December 2015 and the enterprises under the income tax, regardless of the date of their exercise in 2015.

However, for this year, teletransmitted deposits and laggards within 15 days (before May 18, 2016) will be treated leniently by the business tax services.

A tolerance which also applies to the declaration of the value added and the salaried workforce in premium value added businesses (No. 1330-CAVE), but not the declaration of liquidation and regularization of this tax ( No. 1329-DEF), or if any payment that accompanies it.

Note: this relaxation echoes a demand for accountants to the government ruling an extension in filing the statements of corporate earnings.