Private Asset Management in France

Our strategy is to gather your financial aspirations, concerns and responsibilities to give you the adequate help needed.

Through its Private Asset Management division, the chartered accounting firm Roche & Cie offers a high quality service in asset management and investment advice. 

Private Asset Management is particularly aimed at a clientele of entrepreneurs, executives and non-residents in France. This service offers a global approach to the private and professional assets of business owners.

This service incorporates all our company’s expertise in financial advice, as well as legal and tax planning, in the formulation of customized investment proposals.

A team of chartered accountants, qualified notaries and graduates works in cooperation with a network of partners (other notaries, tax specialists, luxury real estate agents, insurers, business experts etc.) to guarantee the best advice and to ensure close, long-term monitoring.

In addition to the conventional services related to assets, Roche & Cie Private Asset Management also offers ‘customised’ services to its clients:

  • To Anticipate the Transfer of your Business.
  • To Optimise the Means of Holding your Assets.
  • To Reduce the Tax Burden.
  • To Plan your Retirement.
  • To Protect your loved ones etc.

Our clients typically search for:

  • Reduce complexity. Wealth and success bring complexity – multi-faceted business affairs, multiple residences, philanthropic commitments. Their financial arrangements should help rather than contribute to this complexity. For most of the clients we work with, the most precious commodity is time. Our service allows our clients spending more time with their families, charitable endeavours or establishing a legacy.Listen and consult. Our clients want to ensure that their money is being managed appropriately and with skill. Some will also want consultation and input into the way their investments are being managed, while some would rather work purely on a discretionary basis. We are not prescriptive and can accommodate either approach.Judgement of risk. Our clients recognise the importance of risk management, but may view risk in different ways. Some want to ensure that their investments keep pace with inflation or track a specific benchmark. For others it will be more personal: will there be enough income to provide for my family? What is the most effective way to leave a legacy?Harnessing new ideas. Our clients are constantly exposed to new investment ideas through their business interests and their network. Our job is to identify those ideas with real investment merit that present an opportunity for sustainable, long-term returns.

Our experts will be able to identify your needs using an informed global approach to your private and/or professional assets.