Over the last decade the rules and financial climate of the competitive playing field have become markedly unstable as a result of economic globalisation, deregulation of markets, competition from emerging countries and technological innovations.

In this rapidly changing environment, strategic planning is of even greater importance for those organisations wanting to strengthen, or simply maintain, their position.

Developing a strategy involves making choices for the allocation of resources in areas that show potential. Are conventional analyses still valid today ? To precisely identify the potential and dynamics of the markets; to understand the competitive environment; to assess its strengths and weaknesses; to define the manoeuvres that need to be achieved for a successful strategy …

But in an Economy where structural changes are considered the norm, identifying and implementing the most attractive development options require optimal timing, quality of execution and adaptability.

In addition, one of the major challenges facing Roche & Cie was how to effectively combine these skills to develop successful strategies for tomorrow and support those companies, which put their trust in us, along the path to success. Roche & Cie makes sure that they will overcome all the obstacles they may encounter.