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How to evaluate the price of a property ?

22 Jun 2016

In the context of a purchase or sale, you will like to know if the price you give your property corresponds to the market?

Follow the directions below, they will guide you in the research for the right price.

Monitor and analyze  similar ads

The first way to evaluate a property is to simply monitor listings to be aware of market prices. It is also advisable to analyze the time of sale of goods, those generally overvalued find no takers quickly. Indeed, the sources of information are plentiful, and the buyers are well informed about prices.

Be certain that properties sold rapidly displayed a real price.

What factors influence the estimate of a property

Positive points

  • The geographical location (overlooking the sea, mountains, a square, a monument) increases in general the price of 5 to 20%.
  • A double orientation (East / West) increases the price of 3 to 5%.
  • A Terrace favors a price increase of 15 to 20%.
  • The apartments between the second and sixth floor of buildings with elevators gain in value about 2.5% per level upward.
  • An “atypical” apartment may also be sought quickly.

Negative points

  • An apartment on the ground floor loses 20% of its market value, and a first floor 10%.
  • Housing facing north loses about 5% of the market price.
  • The noise from the night clubs (discos, pubs, etc …) or due to traffic, cause a drop of 5 to 10% of the price of the property.
  • An apartment courtyard or vis-à-vis loses about 10% of its value.
  • About 10% devaluation for a poorly arranged accommodations.

Do not underestimate the real estate professionals

It is advisable to take the advice of a real estate professional to buy or sell property. It knows the middle of the property, sites, goods for sale, the price per square meter …With their experience in the field, they will be able to assess the property relative to its market knowledge and guide you in your projects.