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Furnished rentals targeted by the Government

26 Feb 2016
The Government wants to harden the taxation of furnished rentals The desire to regulate the furnished short-term rental, a consequence of the rapid expansion of Airbnb, worries the realtors. They fear that the new obligations that could be imposed on platforms like...
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End of the flat-rate taxation for non-residents

24 Feb 2016
This risks giving cold sweats to the wealthy life insurances holders. From January 1, financial companies must disclose a range of information about the people who opened life insurance contracts and investments bonds above EUR 7 500. This obligation arises from the...
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Is it illegal to own a bank account abroad ?

18 Feb 2016
Holding a bank account abroad is not illegal in itself: it is possible to place money outside France, with certain conditions. It is the concealment of assets to the tax authorities that constitutes fraud. When an account is declared, the tax authority...
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Renting of a part of the principal residence

17 Feb 2016
What is a principal residence? The principal residence is a housing in which the tenant resides mainly in the year, by opposition to what is called the secondary residence. On the renting of a part of the principal residence It is clearly...
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