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Real Estate: Point on real estate in Lyon

15 Nov 2016

The real estate market seems to have never been as good in Lyon, France. It’s time to buy!

During the last twelve months, the gloom has not affected the morale of purchasers, nor that of investors” notes the Fnaim of the Rhone.

Lyon is even the city where you have to bet in the next few years. It is the one that offers the best guarantees, “adds Thomas Lefebvre, Director of Research & Development of the site


Rates are historically low

The interest rates proposed by the banks are particularly attractive: “It was necessary to count 2.6% a year ago and 4.3% in July 2011” notes Sébastien de Lafond, president of

Indicators are green

For the last 15 years, the evolution of cities has been perceptible through three fundamental pillars of the market: employment, demography and infrastructure or improvement of the living environment.
Lyon is at the top of this ranking, with the best assurances:
– the unemployment rate (9%) is lower than the national average,
– the population grows (+ 6% in ten years) and rejuvenates (average age 37 years).
Finally, the city multiplies the major real estate and structural projects such as the renovation of the Part-Dieu, the confluence or the silk square, projects designed to improve significantly the living environment of the inhabitants.

But prices will rise

They have already climbed 23% in ten years, according to the Fnaim and 26% according to MeilleursAgents.
The latter anticipate a surge in the order of 30 to 50% in the next 15 years, enough to satisfy investors.