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Real estate: the realization of thermal insulation work will soon be mandatory

20 Jun 2016

As part of renovation of a property, thermal insulation work will be performed in parallel.

From 1 January 2017, the insulation work will become mandatory when major work will be done on a property. Following the law on the energy transition of 17 August 2015, this obligation whose terms are to be specified by decree, will apply in the context of a facelift, a roof repairs or works planning to make habitable one or more pieces of real estate.

Precision : This obligation will come into force on 1 January 2017 and will not affect the work previously scheduled and for which an estimate was signed before that date.

Concretely :

  • For a facelift, the work must be performed on at least half of the building area (excluding openings).
  • For roof repairs, it is the replacement or recovery of at least 50% of the roof area outside openings.
  • For interiors, it is about making a habitable place, such as the attic, an annex garage or any other non-habitable rooms, with a minimum floor area of ​​5 m², not buried or semi-buried.

However, there are a number of exceptions that can defeat the application of this requirement to achieve thermal insulation work.
Especially :

  • The risks associated with any type of insulation (deterioration of the architectural quality, time of return on investment over 10 years);
  • A disproportion of technical or economic nature between the benefits of insulation and disadvantages.

Décret n° 2016-711 du 30 mai 2016, JO du 31