Tax returns in France

Let us help you

At Roche & Cie, we support you throughout the tedious journey of tax returns in France to make the process as simple as possible.

You can trust our team of experts in French taxation which will be available to help you calmly prepare your income or wealth tax returns.

Income Tax:

  • Assistance in the collection of relevant information and documents necessary for preparing declarations.
  • Calculation of revenue categories: comparative fixed costs/actual costs, property revenue, industrial and commercial benefits (BIC), non-commercial benefits (BNC) etc.
  • Optimisation of tax reductions and credits (interest on loans, rental investments, services to individuals, maintenance allowances, expenses related to care of the elderly, sustainable development expenses, donations etc.).
  • Completion of administrative forms (2042, 2044, 2042-C etc.).
  • And the calculation of tax and social security contributions.

Wealth Tax:

  • Assistance in evaluating your assets.
  • Calculation of taxable net assets.
  • Calculation of wealth tax.
  • Proposals and measures for reductions.
  • Assistance for audits, corrective declarations etc.

Here are our services for Non-residents.

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