Purchase of a property in France

Property taxation in France

You are considering buying a property in France. Whether it is the purchase of a second home or a real estate investment, what are the taxes and tax returns to which you will be subject?

There’s a lot at stake when you’re in business for yourself. Delegation is key to getting things done and getting them done right, so having a CPA take care of your accounting and taxes is an obvious move. We are here to help you !We offer services to private individuals and companies for their real estate operations in France (sale,purchase, capital gains, property rental, etc)

We provide assistance and tax advice from the beginning to the end of the purchase process and beyond

  • Strategic tax and financial planning
  • Budgeting and forecasting
  • Helping determine the appropriate business structure for both financial and legal purposes
  • A team of CPAs keeping you on track
  • On-time and accurate reporting
  • Transparent reporting 
  • Seasoned experts help you scale your real estate holdings
  • Real estate investments, property acquisition, and deal structuring
  • Preparing your taxes