Tax planning

Tax planning in France

Tax planning in France is a complex subject which should be handled with care and updated regularly to meet the ever changing French tax rules and regulations. For non-residents, it’s even more complex as it involves the tax rules of two or more countries and how they interact. Many non-residents don’t realise they may also remain liable to some taxes in their countries, even if they’ve been overseas for many years. If you’re planning to relocate in France, it’s essential to get specialist tax advice so that you pay the right tax at the right time and avoid the double taxation of your income.

We can help make sure that you:

  • Meet your tax obligations in France
  • Avoid the double taxation of your income
  • Make the right declarations at the right time
  • Structure your investments in the most tax-efficient way

Our tax expertise

The team of Roche and cie has in-depth understanding of the tax system in France, as well as how it interacts with multiple countries. A team of tax specialists in collaboration with notaries, lawyers and other relevant professionals can discuss opportunities to limit your french tax on your savings and investments, pensions, wealth and estate.We also advise on the complex subject of tax residency and offer tax studies to effectively determine your tax domicile and the way your income will be taxed ‘domicile determination’ service.

  • Income tax
  • Capital gains tax
  • Wealth tax
  • Business in France
  • Retirement in France


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