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Top 10 french cities to invest in 2017

Explorimmo has just presented its scale of ten French cities where real estate investments are best. By measuring their attractiveness, this 6th edition puts Rennes, Bordeaux and Montpellier ahead, Grenoble also includes the Top 10.

The 2017 classification marks the growing attractiveness of Rennes in front of Bordeaux, which was at the top of the list last year. Then comes Nantes Lyon, Lille, and Strasbourg. Grenoble made its debut in the charts, in the 8th place in front of Nîmes and Toulouse, last of the classification this year. As is the case every year, in order to establish the ranking, economic indicators such as demographic trends, employment, academic vitality, but also real estate criteria (acquisition price in old buildings, new building programs, Rents of a studio, a 2 room flat, share of investors in the new etc.) were taken into account.

Explorimmo took the pulse of the 30 most populous cities of France:

  • Demographic and employment trends,
  • Number of students,
  • Attractiveness of each metropolis via the prism of the real estate market (price in new and old, etc.).

Three novelties appear in the 2017 criteria:

  • The evolution of the property tax,
  • The share of vacant dwellings
  • And the average level of credit rates.

The method of calculation is based on a progressive ranking: the city with the highest population growth ranks first and so on for employment, student share, etc. The cities with the fewest points are on the podium, the city in last place has 30 points.

This ranking also highlights that “the investor side the Pinel device confirms its success and continues to represent a significant share of sales,” said Olivier Marin, editor of Explorimmo. Some regions, usually at the bottom of the ranking, are attracting more and more investors. This is the reason why Explorimmo wanted this year to add a criterion of evolution regarding the investors.

  1. Rennes

    Rennes is a student city that offers a leading real estate attractiveness. New economic clusters, price resistance (2500 € / m2 on average), transports in development, including a high-speed line that will connect the city with Paris in 1h30 (instead of two hours now) starting in July. Breton attracts by its ambitious facilities, including the EuroRennes operation, the new Baud-Chardonnet district and the Courrouze, which provide a total of more than 4,000 housing units, nearly 180,000 m² of offices, beautiful shopping areas and services And university facilities. A thriving metropolis that tickles potential investors.

  2. Bordeaux

    As for New Aquitaine, the LGV must also help Bordeaux keep its second place, putting it 2 hours from Paris this summer. The quality of life, the dynamism of the real estate programs (Bordeaux Euratlantique, the watersheds, Bordeaux Brazza and Bastide Niel in particular) and beautiful tourist assets make the Bordeaux region a safe bet for investors. Prices increased by 6% over one year (€ 3250 / m2 on average and € 4,000 to € 5,000 / m2 in the most requested districts).

  3. Montpellier

    It comes naturally in third position for its appreciable living environment and a dynamic economic and real estate very attractive. Prices around 2500 € / m2 in the old and 3700 € / m2 in the new. Several projects are worth mentioning, such as Port Marianne, Parc Marianne and the development of the Rive Gauche district and the ZAC République.

    In a context very favorable to real estate investment, the Explorimmo prize list is an interesting benchmark and offers buyers and investors useful information to realize a real estate project. Be careful not to underestimate the rest, location is paramount but a full assessment of the property is required before investing.

The rest of the listing here.

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