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St Barthelemy island: a dream tax system

15 Jan 2015
St Barthelemy taxation : The beach, the sun, and… no tax ! Its privileged tax status is governed by the organic law of 2007. As such, individuals residing in SAINT BARTHELEMY for more than 5 years are exempted from income tax as well...
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France abandons 75% tax rate

15 Jan 2015
On 1st January 2015, France has abandoned the 75 % tax on high incomes. This emblematic measure of the François Hollande’s five-year term caused significant polemics, without a good financial impact. We suggest here a brief reminder of the historical background of...
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Denunciation of the franco-swiss tax agreement on inheritances

15 Dec 2014
After many negotiations, the Franco-Swiss tax agreement of 1953 on inheritances has just been denounced, since Switzerland has refused to ratify a new agreement. In this way, from the 1st January 2015, the taxation of inheritances involving Swiss or/and French residents will...
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A 15,5% saving for the non-residents

07 Nov 2014
Social charges have been implemented in France in the 90’s, and their goal is financing French social security. The CSG-CRDS (Generalized Social Contribution and Social Debt Reimbursement Contribution) are the best-known components of the French social charges. These social security contributions have...
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