Wealth tax calculator : Calculation of the real estate wealth tax 

Wealth tax calculator in France (IFI) :  Calculation of taxable assets

The Impôt sur la Fortune Immobilière – IFI is the French wealth tax. It applies to real estate only. Who has to pay the real estate wealth tax? Private individuals whose real estate assets have a net value of more than 1,300,000 euros. We are regularly contacted about this tax, and one question comes up very often: how do you calculate the IFI?

We offer you a free French wealth tax simulator to enable you to carry out a detailed simulation of the 2023 tax on your real estate wealth. 

Directly owned built properties

Built properties

Undeveloped properties

Inderectly owned built properties

Total taxable assets

Total deductible debts

Taxable assets - deductible debts

Calculation of the IFI due

Wealth tax calculator : IFI in an international context

Do I have to declare to the tax authorities the real estate I own abroad? If you are a French resident for tax purposes, you must declare all your income and assets held worldwide. Bilateral tax treaties will prevent you from incurring double taxation.

Moving to France : If you are a foreign resident, and you wish to live in France, e.g. an American expat, you will benefit from a temporary IFI exemption on your assets held abroad for the first 5 years following your installation in France.

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