Relocation to France

Relocation to France

Expatriates wishing to live in France should not underestimate the importance of early tax and financial planning.

You need to establish exactly when you become liable for French tax on your worldwide income, gains, wealth and estate.  

You also need to be wary of your home country tax residence rules as well as the existence of tax treaties with France determining the residency rules applied.

The taxation applied to your income varies depending on the nature of your income. With expert planning, it is possible to structure savings, investments and assets to be tax-efficient. 

Our team of experts in international taxation will assist you for the following missions :

  • Determination of tax residency
  • Estimation of the possible french tax
  • Taxation of worldwide assets in France
  • Mechanism to avoid double taxation
  • Tax rebates and devices availaible to new-residents
  • Analysis of tax treaties

We offer personalized tax study, providing you with clear information on your future tax situation and possible taxes to pay in France, in the event you move.

All our tax studies are checked and verified by senior accountants to ensure the best practises and solutions are considered and applied.

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