As a non-resident real estate and taxation specialist, The Cabinet Roche & Cie and its team of experienced staff (accountants, tax experts, public notary) accompany you in the purchase / resale and annual tax tracking of your second home in France. We offer the following services:
For which, we offer the following services:

Personalised preliminary study

  • An analysis of the current tax status of your second home: purchased in your own name; group purchase; purchased by a property company etc.
  • An analysis of the consequences of these legal procedures in relation to taxes in France and international regulations for non-residents.
  • Proposals for
  •  change in legal status to reduce the tax burden (principally income tax, wealth tax, capital gains tax and VAT).
  • Estimation of your capital gains tax on resale

Legal framework

  • Proposals to modify the existing legal position.
  • Choice of legal status before the final deed of sale of the secondary residence, in the presence of a notary.
  • Possibility of creating a company and having our corporate address as the registered office.

Accounting, preparation of tax declarations

  • Annual monitoring (legal and accounting) with tax, social and legal declarations (general meeting, balance sheets etc.).
  • Income Ta
    x (rental income).
  • Wealth tax.
  • Declaration of the 3% annual tax (if the property is owned by a foreign company)

In order to help expatriates in France, we make available Taxation Info France, where we provide free practical information to help start smoothly in France, where taxation is concerned. French taxes undergo regular changes, and it’s important to remain up to date on all taxes, including: Wealth Tax, Gift & Inheritance Taxes, Taxes on Trusts, an Exit Tax and a Tax on High Income

Despite the reputation for high taxes, French income tax is generally no higher than most other European countries. However, French social charges can be very high – and special attention must be paid to French wealth tax.