Taxation of non-resident in France

Taxation of non-resident in France : Declaration of rental income in France 

If you own real estate assets in France or are looking to invest in real estate,  any rental income received in France must be declared to the French tax authorities.

In France, the tax year is the calendar year and any income received during a calendar year must be declared by May of the following year. In most cases, this requirement to declare the income does not result in dual taxation – France has agreed bilateral tax agreements with many countries, and any tax paid in France will generally result in a tax credit in your country of residence. 

Real estate wealth tax (IFI) return 

If the net value of your real estate assets in France exceeds EUR 1.3 million, you will be subject to the real estate wealth tax

This tax is established via the tax return, i.e. taxpayers are required to submit this return at their own initiative once the value of their net real estate assets exceeds the tax threshold.  The market value of any properties held directly or indirectly and any related debts must be reported.

Taxation of non-resident in France : How can we help? 

For many years, Roche & Cie has provided support for private individuals and business people with their reporting obligations in France. We offer the following services to facilitate compliance with your obligations in France: 

Advice on the legal and tax structure of your investment in France 

Are you considering acquiring real estate asset in France?  Perhaps you are vaguely aware of the different legal structures available but are unsure of the differences.  Which legal structure is the most appropriate for your project – a real estate investment company (SCI), an acquisition in your own name, a family limited company (SARL de famille)? 

Once we have analysed your project, its growth prospects and your expectations with regards to this investment (private use, rental or mixed), we will explain the various options available to you and their key differences. Clear advice will enable you to choose the legal structure that best meets your requirements, with full knowledge of the advantages and the reporting and tax obligations associated with each option.

How can we help you ?

The missions we can offer you:

Drafting of a tax study: with simulation of your tax obligations in France ; a key solution to secure your installation in France in order to avoid unfortunate situations, such as delays or errors in your tax returns.

Follow-up of your tax returns in France: income tax, real estate wealth tax, rental income

Taxation of non-resident in France :

rental income in france

french tax returns

Legal structure

real estate wealth tax

Property taxes in France

Taxation of non-resident in France :

Accounting and tax obligations related to holding real estate in France 

We offer the following services: 

  • Rental income from furnished lets – drawing up a balance sheet and an income statement for this specific business if you opt for taxation on the basis of industrial and commercial income for individuals – the French régime réel for BIC;
  • Handling the accounting and tax obligations for real estate investment companies (SCI);
  • Preparing the French income tax (IR) return; 
  • Preparing the French real estate wealth tax (IFI) return; 
  • Preparing the return for the annual market value tax of 3%.


Taxation of non-resident in France

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