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Payroll services in France :

We aim to provide our clients with a full range of services

Roche & Cie also offers employment services and payroll management for your company.

We take care of the social part relating to your employees. Whether it be for hiring formalities, employment contracts, pay slips (pay slips), or the formalities of going out, our social service will accompany you to Lyon, in the Rhône-Alpes region and throughout France .

Our payroll services in France cover the following functions: 

  • Handling hiring formalities; 
  • Preparing payroll slips: consideration and reflection of the applicable pay scale (collective employment agreement), employment terms, benefits in kind, paid leave, etc.;
  • Preparing monthly returns for social security and income tax deductions at source (DSN forms);
  • Managing other events to be included on DSN forms such as sick leave, maternity leave, etc.;
  • Managing payroll postings and bookkeeping entries; 
  • Managing formalities for leavers and preparing the relevant legal documents such as employment or salary certificates, etc.;

It’s easier than you may think with Roche & Cie at your side.

Contact us to find out more about how we work and to discuss your specific needs.

If you set up a new company on the french territory, you may need to hire employees.

Handling hiring formalities

Preparing payroll slips

Managing other events to be included on DSN

formalities for leavers

a single contact point

payroll postings and bookkeeping entries

Payroll services in France

Payroll services in France : a single contact point 

Our multidisciplinary staff have also been trained to deal with employee issues so each client has a single contact person – we believe that it is key for companies and mangers to have a single point of contact at Roche et Cie.

Conversations are much more efficient when you have a single point of contact who has been trained to handle both accounting and employee matters.

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