We share the same values as our clients 

At Roche & Co, we believe it is important to have a common view and understanding of who we are and what we do.Since the creation of Roche & Co, these values have steadily increased. We owe our Reputation to the Quality of these Values, which have always met your needs.Our sense of innovation, for which we are renowned, leads us to approach each assignment as a challenge, which in turn distinguishes us from our competitors.  Roche & Co favours diversity, promotes the sharing of expertise and encourages learning.

We help you to achieve success

Our team of efficient staff, with diverse skills and backgrounds, adds (like each client) a unique perspective to an assignment and contributes to the realisation of your projects.

  • Our Vision: Success through quality and integrity.
  • Our objective: Help you Succeed
  • Our Mission: To be recognized as the ideal partner for innovative businesses and advisory services

We have integrated the requirements of our customers’ needs to which our commitment is simple:


Established in 1948 by Mr. Malatray, Roche & Co has steadily grown over the years thanks to your help and recommendations to your associates. The professional values that motivate our staff ensure the company’s longevity. The team of staff, whose average age is 38, has been with the company for an average of 12 years. The majority of our clients have been with us for approximately 20 years – this is not just a chance happening …


Our ambition is matched only by our integrity. Our clientele are carefully chosen and past or future financial crises do not compromise our selection – we do not falter under pressure. Our integrity and the power to choose signify independence.


Roche & Co promises to guide you on the path to success. Its motto is to always add value, both within its team (through regularly updating technical documentation and business procedures) and to the quality of services rendered. The high standard of its employees’ technical expertise, reinforced by a policy of on-going expert training, ensures that Roche & Co’s clientele have a highly qualified team at their disposal.