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The different types of employment contracts in France

01 Apr 2021
In terms of employment contracts in France, each one has its specificities so that  several types of contracts co-exist. Let’s take a look at them together: The permanent employment contract (CDI) The permanent employment contract (CDI) is the most widespread form of...
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Telecommuting and international mobility: what taxation applies?

17 Mar 2021
The current pandemic has shaken up professional codes and habits. International telecommuting has become the norm, and everyone organizes their activity at home, trying to combine technical constraints and family obligations. However, the current situation has brought to the forefront social and...
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The Macron bonus : 2021 version

16 Mar 2021
Last year, the French Government had precised that its payment would be conditional on the implementation of a company profit-sharing agreement, but it is nevertheless renewed in its original form: it is the Macron 2021 bonus! A bonus at the discretion of...
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Guide to real estate taxation in France – 2021

11 Mar 2021
  The essential guide to real estate taxation in France in 2021 You have the project to move in France or investing, in this guide we help you understand how french taxation works when you buy a property. For example, are you...
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2021 Income Tax in France: Scale & Deadlines

04 Mar 2021
The brackets of the progressive scale used to calculate french income tax for 2020 are revalued by 0.2% as of January 1, 2021. This revaluation is set according to the change in consumer prices excluding tobacco in 2020 compared to 2019. People...
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Furnished rental and social contributions

02 Feb 2021
The new social security financing law provides that all professional furnished renters will be subject to social security contributions. This provision is not retroactive. Prior to this date, were subject to social security contributions (social security for self-employed persons) :  professional renters...
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