Real Estate in France

Specialist advisor to non-residents

Purchase of a property in France

Property taxation in France You are considering buying a property in France. Whether it is the purchase of a second...
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Rental income taxation

Rental income tax service in France We assist Landlords in the tax management of their French properties. Whether furnished or...
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airbnb list french cities forbidden 120 days

Para-hotellerie – Real estate VAT recovery- Chartered Accountants

The Para-hotellerie (Para-Hotel) Scheme Often confused with the regime of furnished rentals, the para-hotel business is in fact an activity...
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tax 3%

3% Annual tax

This 3% tax based on the market value is paid by certain French or foreign companies which : Have an...
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Real Estate in France : The French real estate sector is unavoidable for both French and foreign investors.

The firm Roche & Cie deals with all real estate transactions, in collaboration with notaries, real estate agents and lawyers from all regions of France.

Our Added Value: ‘Tax Optimization’

Real Estate in France Expert Roche et Cie.

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Due to particularly buoyant property rates with a well-controlled risk factor and reasonable leverage, it seems always profitable to acquire a well located property.

Having opened the way to tax optimization, the Cabinet Roche & Cie is one of the precursors in the property taxation optimization and has developed a method that has proved its worth and which has been enriched over many projects. Due to the increased legal benchmark and the rising level of qualification of our experts, Roche & Cie is able to respond to all your concerns.

Our team of experts is at your service on a daily basis to help you on:

  • Tax and legal optimization of your investments.
  • Complete control of your operating costs.
  • Process your specific property transactions, whether accounting or taxation.

We guide you throughout your projects and take care of your administrative, accounting and fiscal follow-up. This includes tax returns (capital gains, wealth tax, IRPP …) and all tax matter.

Monitoring and anticipating your results

Our team of real estate experts will offer you a working method that has already proved its worth and will set up, with you, a true partnership to:

  • Optimize your investment before acquisition, during holding and after sale.
  • Anticipate and control the profitability of your real estate transaction.
  • Assist you in case of tax audit.
  • Elaborate the reorganization and / or transmission of your real estate assets.
  • Help you identify your financial issues for a more effective real estate strategy.

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