Declaration of trust in France

Declaration of trust in France


In certain situations, trustees may be required to prepare annual returns in France, irrespective of whether they are tax resident in France.

A Trust1 or Trust2 return must be submitted in France in the following situations: 

At least one of the settlors, beneficiaries deemed settlor or beneficial owners is tax resident in France; 

The trustee is tax resident in France; 

The trust is the owner of a real estate asset in France.

If a foreign trust meets one of the aforementioned criteria, the trustee must submit Trust1 and Trust2 returns in France.

 Trust1 return 

The Trust1 return relates to the establishment, amendment and termination of the trust. Its purpose is to provide the French tax authorities with full and precise details of the identity of the settlors and beneficiaries of the trust, of how the trust functions, and of the assets held via the trust. 

The return is only required in the event of changes to the trust and is not therefore required every year. 

A change to the trust means any change in the terms of the trust deed, any change in the settlors, beneficiaries or trustees, any new acquisitions or addition of assets, and any withdrawal, transfer or allocation of trust assets.

The Trust1 return must be submitted in the month following the relevant change. 

Entrust the true professionnals 

Declaration of trust in France

Trust 1

Trust 2


Declaration of trust in France

Trust2 return

The Trust2 return is prepared each year and discloses the market value of all assets held in the trust on 1 January of the tax year. 

It must be submitted by 15 June each tax year with the Direction des impôts des non-résidents (DINR)

Declaration of trust in France

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