Real Estate: Update on real estate market in Lyon (March 2017)

14 March 2017

In the first quarter of 2017,

In the trend of most major French cities, property prices in Lyon and its region are on the rise. On an annual basis, the Cité des Gones has achieved over 5% growth.

8 districts out of 9!

8 out of 9 borough districts posted higher prices. With eight districts out of nine, with prices rising over the year, the city of Lyon is a perfect example of the upward trend that affects most French cities with more than 100,000 inhabitants. As explained by Michel Mouillart, Professor of Economics at the University of Paris-Ouest and spokesperson for the LPI-SeLoger barometer, this rise in real estate prices has its origin in a particularly dynamic market and a tension on prices which will crescendo .

2 districts !

Over 9% over one year! 2 districts testify to this surge in property prices in Lyon. In the 3rd district (suburb of the Prefecture, Villette and Dauphiné-Sans-Souci, Montchat), the apartments saw their prices rise by 9.1% in one year. Over the same period, real estate prices in the 6th district (the Brotteaux, Cité-Internationale) in Lyon were up 9.6%.

It is only in the 2nd district (Cordeliers, Sainte-Blandine, Confluence) that real estate prices are falling. From the rue de la République to the cours du Verdun, the old apartments suffered a loss of 2.2% on their signed sale price, that is to say on the day of signing the compromise.

It is in the 2nd arrondissement that housing costs the most

Not surprisingly, the attractiveness of the beautiful downtown areas remains intact. The highest prices per square meter of the city to the two hills are to be sought from the side of the 2nd district. Whether you buy on the rue Édouard-Herriot, the Place des Jacobins or the Cours Suchet, it will cost you about 5 139 € per m².

With its 4,932 € of m², the 6th district (the Brotteaux, Cité-Internationale, Bellecombe) follows suit.

The good deals would be rather to find in the 9th (Vaise, Gorge-of-Loup, Duchère) where the m² is exchanged around 3,237 €. But in view of the increase in prices of apartments located in this district (+ 4.8% over the year), it is better not to delay to buy …

3.2% margin of negotiation on the price of a property

If you intend to become an owner of an apartment in Lyon or its agglomeration, be aware that the discount you can get on the displayed selling price will most often turn around 3.2%. On average, in Lyon, the price per square meter signed costs € 4,048, or € 150 more than the national average. Recall that the national average is 3 898 € of m² for an old apartment.

Source: SeLoger Barometer

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