French wealth tax guide

Free booklet to master the french wealth tax. Details on the taxable assets and tax savvy solutions. Prepared by a chartered accountant.

French wealth tax guide

08 Jul 2021

Wealth tax in France : all you need to know

The ISF,  wealth tax in France has been replaced by a new tax, the IFI. This tax redefines the perimeter of the “wealth tax” in French taxation. France is one of the finest destinations for property investment, retirement and holidays. For example, you would like to settle in France and make our beautiful country your new home. From the French Riviera to the splendid chalets nestled in the heart of the French Alps, you can find the perfect place and our goal is to help you with legal security and optimisation.

To make sure this investment will be a success, you must be well prepared tax-wise about the different fiscal rules including wealth tax in France.  At Roche & Cie, our philosophy is to assist you every stage  of your project by identifying key issues. As specialists in property for non resident, we know that taxation, administrative and legal constraints are areas of concern for foreign investors. We can assist you in the purchase or rental property, establishing the legal framework and accounting/preparation of tax declarations.

What are the taxable assets ? Deductible liabilities ?

We have prepared the following guide to help you navigate through this exceptionnal tax applied to your real estate assets and provided solutions to reduce its burden.



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