What is the point of giving up an estate?

21 April 2016

When inherited in France, three options are open to us.

  • The first, purely and simply accept the succession, that is to say, you receive the assets and liabilities of the deceased.
  • You can also agree to the net assets of competition, that is to say, receive the inheritance only if it is beneficial.
  • Finally, it is possible to give it up.

We regularly give up when the deceased transmits more debts than assets. But not only.

PreferRent people let their children inherit their place. Why ? As they arrive at an age when it is not necessary for them to receive additional assets and it also allows a lower taxation of property.

Grandparents to grandchildren

Take the example of a son which receives an inheritance from his father 300 000. The son will pay EUR 38 000 from inheritance.

At his death, his daughter will in turn pay inheritance on the entire portfolio of rights (less fees already paid). The daugher will consequently pay rights of  30000

If the son renounces the succession in favor of his daughter, she will pay 38,000 euros costs of the 300 000 of his grandfather. In the end, she receives a net worth 262 000 euros.



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