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Employee savings rules change

15 Apr 2016

Notice to 10.5 million employees who receive a salary savings mechanism, the rules change for the payment of the participation and incentive awarded in 2016 under 2015.

So far, the participation was to be awarded by the end of April, while the companies had until the end of July to pay profit sharing. If you did not know your choice within 15 days of being awarded, your silence drew the automatic payment of amounts due under the incentive but blocking those related to participation.

Starting this year, the payment deadline is now the same for both devices: it is fixed at the end of May (for companies whose financial year coincides with the calendar year). In both cases, the sums allocated for the participation and profit-sharing are now blocked by default.At the latest within 15 days

Those related to the profit sharing will arrow on the company savings plan (PEE) from your employer – and thus unavailable for 5 years minimum – while half of those paid for participation will be assigned by default on the Perco ( savings plan for collective retirement) and are therefore unavailable until your retirement.

If this is not desired, you must specifically request the immediate payment, in whole or in part, or on their assignment or investment vehicles offered by your company. This request must be made no later than 15 days after the date on which you have been informed of the award of such sums.

If you ask them immediate payment, they will be subject to income tax in the same way as your wages. However, if you decide to pay your ISP or your Perco, it provides an escape from the income tax (entirely regarding the participation and up to 19,308 euros for sharing).If you miss the check 15 days, be aware that in exceptional cases you can request the release of your incentive received in 2016 was paid on your default APR. This request must be made by mail, within 3 months.