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2017 Summer sales : Reminder of the laws in France

16 Jun 2017

The 2017 summer sales are arriving in France. The sales period remain one of the best times to make good deals and sell inventories. Let’s take a look at the regulations surrounding this practice and the dates in France.

Sales are a high point of consumption. They allow merchants to sell their inventories quickly and consumers to benefit from price reductions that are often attractive because resale at a loss is allowed during these commercial operations. The winter and summer balances last six weeks and are officially fixed by the Commercial Code. There are, however, exceptions for certain departments.

Definition and characteristics

The sales period in France have the following characteristics:
– They are accompanied or preceded by advertising;
– They shall contribute to the expedited sale of goods in stock, copies of which have been offered for sale and paid for at least one month on the starting date of the balancing period concerned;
– They include a price reduction announcement (which may go as far as resale at a loss) within the limit of the stock to be sold;
– They are carried out for fixed periods of six weeks (summer and winter balances). Except for distance sales, different dates are planned in some departments to take account of a strong seasonality of sales or commercial operations in border regions.
– Outside the legal periods of sale, merchants can organize commercial transactions to destock, by announcing reductions, provided they do not use the word “balances” and they respect the legislation on the prohibition of resale at a loss.

Good to know

Announcements of price reductions during sales must not constitute an unfair commercial practice within the meaning of Article L. 121-1 of the Consumer Code.

Merchants are required to apply any exchange or refund provisions advertised either in the form of a display in the store or on the receipts or other media.

As merchandise can only be sold on merchandise offered for sale and paid for at least one month, merchants can not replenish themselves during these commercial operations (unlike promotions).

The distinction between open and closed items must clearly appear in the eyes of consumers at the point of sale.

Limitations on warranties on balances are illegal. A sold item enjoys the same guarantees as regards non-apparent manufacturing defects or after-sales service as any other item.

In case of hidden defect, the seller is required to replace the item or refund it. If there is no hidden defect, the trader is not legally required to exchange or refund, but it can do so on a purely commercial basis.

Dates 2017 :

This year, the summer sales will begin on wednesday June 28, 2017 and end on August 8, 2017.

In some regions, this may differ :

  • In the Alpes-Maritimes (06) and the Pyrénées-Orientales (66), the sales will begin from July 5 to August 15 2017.
  • In Corsica, it will run from wednesday 12 July to tuesday 22 august.

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