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Reminder: 2017 income tax return

27 Apr 2018

The French government has unveiled the deadlines for the next tax returns.

The 2018 schedule for tax returns is now published. A special tax return campaign focuses in particular on the introduction of deduction at source (or pay as you earn) from 2019.

Filing dates:

Taxpayers have until Thursday 17 May 2018 to file their 2017 paper income tax return (form No. 2042).

Those who declare their income online are given an additional period, depending on their place of residence. The deadlines are as follows:

  • Tuesday 22 May 2018 for departments No. 01 to 19 and non-residents;
  • Tuesday 29 May 2018 for departments No. 20 to 49 (including the two departments in Corsica);
  • Tuesday 5 June 2018 for departments 50 to 974 and 976.


Going paperless:

Taxpayers whose homes have internet access and whose 2016 reference tax income exceeds €15,000 are now required to declare their income online.


Note that as of January 2019, this obligation will be rolled out to all taxpayers.

The online declaration service has been available since 11 April 2018 at

Those who declare their income online this year can correct any errors made in their return as many times as they wish. However, interest on late payment may be applied to amounts not declared within the time limit set for their area of ​​residence.

Once the tax notice is received, an online correction service will be available at from early August until mid-December 2018.


Deduction at source:

This year, the tax return will allow taxpayers to see the rate of deduction that will be applied to their income from 2019 and, if applicable, the amount of their instalments for certain types of income (professional profits, property income, etc).

This rate will be displayed at the end of the online declaration.

Taxpayers filing their returns online can then, depending on their situation, request changes to their rates via the “Manage my deduction at source” service (for example, customisation of the rate for couples).

Taxpayers still using paper returns will have to wait to receive their tax notice over the summer.


Payment of the tax:

Unless you opt for monthly payments, the balance of your income tax must be paid no later than 17 September 2018. You will also be required to pay electronically if the amount exceeds €1,000.

The same applies to the instalment to be paid on 15 May 2018.

The threshold for electronic payment will be lowered to €300 from 2019.


Real Estate Tax:

The “real estate wealth tax (IFI)” has replaced the wealth tax (ISF). Taxpayers whose taxable net property holdings exceed €1.3 million as of 1 January 2018 must declare it at the same time as their income tax return.

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