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Dematerialisation of the RSI tax certificates

10 Mar 2016


In 2016, the tax certificates pensioners Social Scheme for Self (RSI) are dematerialized (downloadable on the IHR website). In order to implement the shock of simplification, the amount of pensions received by retired artisans, industrialists and merchants is transmitted to the tax authorities for it to be integrated into their pre-completed tax return. Explanations.

The measure is part of the simplification shock requested by the President of the Republic and gradually applied by all pension funds. Starting this year, therefore, the tax certificates retirees IHR will be pre-filled. Already applied by most pension funds, this measure is known to most retirees IHR since 91% of them are poly-pensioners (who have exercised several professional activities, they receive a pension of each pension plan to which they contributed). Isabelle Antonelli, the RSI of the Alps explains. “Last year we made the choice to send the tax certificate, but warning that this would be the last year, and that as of 2016, should download. We chose to leave a year of transition. “

Retired IHR can therefore get their tax certificate on the site carry their Social Security number, and their retired number. A document on the relative usefulness, since all information is sent to the tax office. “Sometimes a bank demand … but it no longer serves much other than that.”

Dematerialization process is much wider in the RSI “for everything concerning the contribution part, the insured can create a personal, secure account to see the contribution amounts and the amounts paid by example. It can also find the public markets certificates, professional training certificates or certificates “to date of contribution.” It can also print his career record in PDF. “

Time savings for policyholders and pensioners who may have access to these services 7/7 and 24/24, and financial gain. “We publishes more mass, the documents of our 103,000 pensioners, and frees them anymore. So yes, there is gain. ” A “win-win” solution, it is still necessary that the concerned are aware and take ownership of the process. This is why a national communication campaign was launched, and pamphlets are even sent with mail.

For more information : Cabinet Roche & Cie, Chartered accountant in Lyon, France.