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Evaluation of Real-Estate: soon a facilitated access to the Patrim basis

24 Mar 2016

By the end of 2016, individuals will assess their property through the Tax Administration database. The data would be enriched with complementary locating elements (street number) to refine pricing analysis. Open to the public since 2014, PATRIM is an online service accessed through the personal space of website proposed by the Financial Branch (DGFiP). It is used to estimate the value of property for tax and administrative purposes in the proceedings (tax audit, expropriation procedure), a deed of gift or a declaration of inheritance or tax solidarity on wealth (ISF).

Property tax. The Housing Ministry recognizes the need to reform the property tax provided they do not neglect the implementation difficulties. “A reform of this magnitude requires a thorough preparation in effect to be fully operational in terms of stability and visibility for the actors; it must also, in good fiscal policy be clearly articulated to the economic cycle, now in recovery, “said Minister.

Accuracy: Patrim the service does not cover the departments of Alsace, Mosel and Mayotte.