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Heat Wave: Employers’ obligations

23 Jun 2017

Recall of employers’ obligations in the event of a high heat.

The National Heat Plan 2017 was set up on June 1. The purpose of this plan is to remind employers that they must take the necessary measures to ensure the safety of workers and to protect their health in the light of climatic conditions.

Employers must integrate the risk of high heat into their workplace risk assessment process, in the development of the single risk assessment document and in the implementation of a plan of corrective action.

Employers must keep workers in conditions conducive to the proper carrying out of their activities. In case of extreme heat, it is recommended to provide fresh drinking water. In closed premises where staff are called to remain, it must be ensured that the air is renewed as to avoid exaggerated temperature rise.

The High Council of Public Health (INRS) issues health recommendations to help employers limit the risks associated with the exposure of employees to high heat. In particular, they are advised:

  • to ask the occupational physician to prepare a document, to display at the workplace in the event of a meteorological alert, recalling the risks linked to heat, the means to prevent them and the first actions to be taken if an employee is Victim of heat stroke;
  • to provide employees with useful means of protection (auxiliary fans, mineral water misters, external blinds, etc.);
  • to adapt work schedules as far as possible, for example, with an earlier start of activity;
  • to organize additional breaks during the hottest hours, if possible in a cooler place.

Finally, the INRS recalls, in a brochure intended for employers, the procedure to follow when an employee suffers heat stroke (alert rescue, transport the employee in a cool and well ventilated place, undress or loosen his clothes…).

In practice: Employers can obtain additional information by calling the Canicule Info Service platform at 0 800 06 66 66 (toll free from a fixed line), available from 9 am to 7 pm every day.


Plan National Canicule 2017