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Hiring Disabled Workers: What support ?

19 Apr 2016

The aid allocated by Agefiph evolved April 1, 2016.

The Association of fund management for the integration of disabled persons grants financial aid to companies that hire disabled people. The amount depends on the type and duration of the proposed employment contract.

Aid to employability

This aid benefits businesses that recruit both permanent and long-term disability CDD furthest from employment, particularly those aged 45 and over or out of an establishment of sheltered workshops, or applicants job worked less than 6 consecutive months in the 12 months before recruitment. Its amount is € 2,000 for a full-time contract and € 1,000 for a part-time job for a minimum of 24 hours per week.

Aid to specific work contracts

Employers recruiting, both permanent and fixed-term contracts of at least six months, a disabled worker under a contract of apprenticeship or professionalization also entitled to assistance in hiring. It varies between 1 000 and € 7,000 depending on the type and duration of the contract. For example, aid of € 5,000 is paid to the recruiting company a disabled person professional contract of indefinite duration.

In addition, the employer who hires a disabled worker following an apprenticeship or professionalization may also be granted financial assistance of € 2,000 for a permanent full-time in particular.
Finally, companies that recruit both permanent and maintain employment in a disabled worker of at least 55 years as part of a generation contract, receive support from:
– € 4,000 for a full-time;
– € 2,000 for part-time at least 16 hours per week.

However, that this aid also requires the recruitment of a person under 26 years or under 30 for a disabled worker.
The amounts of aid mentioned are those applicable to contracts entered into since 1 April 2016.
if you want to hire a disabled worker, move closer to employment including Cap. This service can help you to recruit your employees, to mobilize existing financial aid, but also to provide the necessary adaptations to their workstations.