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List of new notarial acts exempted from the formality of registration

13 Jun 2016

Article 60 of Annex IV CGI defines the list of acts exempted from the formality of registration and subject to the payment of state.

The government has, as part of a new order, updated this list by adding on one hand, acts which, under the last paragraph of Article 60 cited above, are not currently subject to a fixed registration fee and are only intended to modify or fix the amount of duties of heirs or legatees as well as unilateral promises of sale and purchase.

Are thus exempted from the formality of registration:
acts taking abandonment of property by beneficiary heir, usufruct abandonment, abandonment of quota available;

  • career leases or mining;
  • ownership certificates;
  • consents to practice a profession;
  • consents to execution of wills or donations;
  • establishments of bequests;
  • deposits of objects, values ​​or amount;
  • the reputations after death amend the legal devolution;
  • equipment leasing of the promises;
  • pure waivers simple successions and legacies;
  • pure and simple declarations contribution or fortune;
  • the furniture of statements to avoid confusion;
  • wills and codicils;
  • donations between spouses ; “Acts of option by the surviving spouse;
  • the specifications established for the unrealized or unsuccessful tender;
  • Sales of livestock;
  • amicable furniture sales ;
  • unilateral promise of sale;
  • unilateral promises of purchase.

Consult the order.