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Opening of the Online French Tax Reporting Service

12 Apr 2017

The tax reporting service of the 2017 income tax return in France is open today, wednesday 12 April 2017.

This year, you have until the end of May or the beginning of June to do this, depending on your department and your status (non-resident and expatriate) as follows

  • Tuesday 23 May midnight for Departments 1 to 19 and for expatriates and non-residents;
  • Tuesday 30 May midnight for Departments 20 to 49;
  • Tuesday 6 June midnight for the departments 50 to 974-976.

“If you declare via the internet, you have an additional period until May 23, May 30 or June 6, 2017 depending on the number of your department,” recalls the Ministry of Economy on its website.

It should be noted that most taxpayers are obliged to report their taxes on the Internet. Let’s take stock of what to remember.

Today, on April 12, 2017, the online tax reporting service is activated.

The novelty is that the tax administration will calculate, from this declaration, the rate of levy applicable on the wage from January 2018.

If the tax reform of the withholding tax is not revoked by the next government, by 2018, the income tax will be deducted automatically and monthly on your pay slip.


Who should report online?

All French people and non-residents with incomes above € 28,000.

For those, “A flat-rate fine of 15 € per statement will be applied after two failures”, reminds except for taxpayers who are not able to realize this statement online (elderly people not having Internet access and tax homes located in low-speed Internet areas). In all cases you must notify either of the situations to the tax administration.

If you exceed the deadline, you may incur a 10% tax increase. The increase may be increased to 20% after an initial appeal to the tax authorities and up to 40% if you fail to do so within 30 days of the formal notice. However, you have the option of making a cover letter and requesting a complimentary discount from the tax authorities.

Can I change my online return?

If you make a mistake or forget, you can change your return as many times as necessary. However, you can not correct online information such as your family status (marriage, PACS, divorce or death), your marital status or your address. To do so, you must fill out a blank form of tax form marked “Correction, Cancellation and Replacement”.

If the deadlines for tele-declaration are exceeded, you will still be able to use the tele-correction service, active as of August 1, 2017. You will then receive a new tax notice taking into account your corrections, recalls the site

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