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Real Estate: The 4 Essential Points to Know About Home Insurance in 2017 in France

14 Dec 2016

Home Insurance: Rates for home insurance contracts could increase between 1% and 4% in 2017.

Let’s take stock of this imperative insurance for the rental of your dwellings.

As a reminder, home insurance is an insurance for the dwellings of private individuals whose main purpose is to cover the premises, their contents and the civil liability of its occupants.

How to choose your home insurance?

You must carefully review the general conditions of the contract in which the rights and obligations of the insurer and the insured are defined, as well as the special conditions. They list the risks for which you are insured and the procedures for compensation in the event of a claim.

To find out if the insurance you have chosen is right, four parameters are to be looked at carefully:

Guarantees (damage to others, theft, vandalism, breakage of ice, fire, water damage …),
What the insurer does not guarantee
The amount of deductibles, ie your remainder in case of disaster.

If necessary, you can take out an option or additional insurance to compensate for an unsecured service.

The cost of home insurance

The rates charged by insurance companies are free and their prices may vary significantly for similar warranties.

The amount of home insurance depends on several criteria such as the nature and size of the dwelling, the geographic area and the value of the insured property. The more guarantees there are, the lower the deductibles, the more beneficial the indemnity arrangements … and the more expensive the insurance.

To get an idea of the prices charged by each insurer, you can play the competition, consult a broker or go through an online comparator.

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