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Tax reduction for studies abroad

28 Apr 2016

The costs associated with schooling of a child in a school even abroad are eligible for a tax reduction on income for parents.

Taxpayers are entitled to a tax reduction on income in respect of tuition fees that they bear a child or attached to their tax household (adult child, for example).

This tax reduction is fixed arbitrarily at € 61 for a child attending secondary school, to 153 € for those enrolled in a general and technological lycée or a vocational school and € 183 for a child in higher education .

For this, the child must pursue secondary or higher education during the school year to December 31 of the taxation year, to 31 December 2015 for the taxation of 2015 income.

This tax benefit applies regardless of the place of location of the school, which can be located in France or abroad, the government said.

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