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What value do the French agree to savings products to prepare for retirement?

10 Jun 2016

In the rankings of the various savings and investment products, good rental property stands out as the most interesting investment (65%: see study of the new edition of Ifop survey Cecop-2016), just ahead of  life-insurance (62%).

Real estate still ahead !

“The idea of ​​investing in a property for rent is always a hit with savers , regardless of whether they have achieved one or not,” said Jerome Jaffré, Director, Center for Studies and knowledge on public opinion (Cecop).

“With life insurance, it is somehow the two breasts of the country. “

Life insurance and acquisition of real estate are now preferred (29%) to the SICAV (19%) or their equal, the Livret A (19%). These last two are safe but generate a lower return.

Real estate has again and again the scoop.
It remains attractive for the small saver, and remains, in any case, for the easy saver.

The appetite for life insurance continues, meanwhile, to grow, despite the decline in  performance.

Between 2015 and 2016, life insurance has increased by nine points (among the most interesting products considered), while equity investments descreasing by 7 points.

The questionnaire also focused on the most profitable investments, where only two answers were allowed:

  1. The rental properties (51% of responses)
  2. Life insurance (49%).

There is a new and growing mode of investment, “or crowdfunding crowdfunding” which already collects, in terms of profitability, 7% of respondents and 11% in the age group of 18/24 years.

Owning a property, the best way !

If the French had to choose between rental investment and investment in financial products, they prefer real estate to 73%.

Indeed, the rental property is considered both as a safe and profitable investment for the heirs, while financial products retain an uncertain hand.

However, the motivation of those choosing financial products is the willingness to draw short-term liquidity.

The result of this survey, conducted online, from April 19 to 22, 2016, among a representative sample of the French population aged over 18 ansled us to the conclusion that the preferred choices are in the following order:

  1. Being a homeowner
  2. The rental property
  3. Product of long-term savings
  4. retirement savings product